Sichuan Danchi The company is a large backbone supplier of axle spiral bevel gears

  Sichuan Danchi Precision Technology Co.,Ltd. is the holding subsidiary of Guangzhou Kdt Machinery Co.,Ltd. (stock code 002833). It  is a modern enterprise integrating r&d, manufacturing and sales.


  Specializing in gear machinery manufacturing for more than 40 years, the products cover the automotive, chemical, aviation, agricultural machinery, textile, wind power and other industries Production supporting capacity; the automobile transmission gears, engine timing gears and general precision transmission parts products with "Dan tooth" as the registered trademark have an annual production and sales capacity of 4 million pieces. Won the Sichuan Provincial Famous Trademark, Sichuan Famous Brand Product, Wuling Automobile Excellent Supplier, Meishan City Government Quality Award and other awards. The company's brand influence and industry driving force continue to increase.

  Owned Gleason M350GMM Gear Measurement Center、Germany Kappa KX300P worm gear grinding machine, Swiss Leshall gear grinding machine, Italy SU razor grinding machine, SU CNC radial gear grinding machine, American Gleason gear milling machine, Austrian Axelin heat treatment multi-purpose furnace production line series, robot Turning processing combination, Harding CNC turning center, Tokyo precision cylindriometer and other international advanced and domestic first-class core technical equipment and precision testing devices.

  It has successively obtained ISO / TS16949 quality system certification of TüV Rheinland Group, occupational health and safety management system certification, environmental management system certification, and safety production standardization three-level enterprise certification. Through the development and application of digital information such as product digitalization (PDM), manufacturing execution system (MES), and intelligent access control channels, the company has initially realized the entire process of informationization from design and development, manufacturing control to resource allocation, and process management and control. The company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, and successfully established the Sichuan Enterprise Technology Center. A number of process technology research and development projects have obtained national patent certificates.

  The company focuses on automotive products, highlights the advantages of gear manufacturing, focuses on the innovation of transmission gear manufacturing technology and the accumulation of core technologies and proprietary processes. Cooperation, strengthen technical cooperation with brand mainframe manufacturers and international purchasers in high-end transmission accessories and component assemblies, and strive to become a leading supplier with strong competitive advantages and market influence in the domestic and foreign automotive industry and general transmission terminal product market Quotient.